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The Process Control
Apart from aspect of the design, Jupiter is produced under strict quality control systems right from Raw Materials up to the Final operations. Each clamp is identified with Batch No. for reverse traceability and assessed for Torque strength so as to achieve our noble goal of Zero failure status.
Special non-standard quality checking instruments are designed and developed inhouse and used for Quality Assurance to Jupiter's End-User. 
Jupiter is the pioneer Indian product to have been credited with ISO-9001quality certification
Worm Drive Clamps
Actual User Applications
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T Bolt Clamps T Bolt Clamps
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V Band Coupling Clamps V Band Coupling Clamps
Salients Features And Benefits
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Identification Codes & Illustrations & Samples
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Pipe Clips Pipe Clips
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Muffler Clamps Muffler Clamps
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